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ِAuto Azan for prayer times

Developer: ARz

Auto Azan for salat times provide you with wide service who all Muslims need to be in contacted with Great Allah hole of the day , Auto Azan remind you automatically remind you by the prayer timesof Fajr, Shrook, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha and midnight salah times. With easy customization panel that allow you easy control automatic and Manual Salah alarm option just by taping on Alarm icon to enable/disable alarm also you can select place name from 200+ countries list in app database to select country manually & possibility changing the Azan Tune in settings or record your own Athan and save it in device as ringtone to use Auto azan provide you also more useful options features like :*Qibla Compass : that accurate Compass app to Find Mecca Direction that shows Kaaba distance in Km. and degree from particular place also Multiple 15 Compass Dials Theme for Qiblah that works also offline * Al-Quran :Complete Holy Quran in Arabic and translated for hole Quran in English also included more translation like Urdu, French, German, Persian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish and Indonesian .*40 Hadiths (nawawe) & Daily Duaa : All Hadith in Arabic and English Meaning translationDaily Duaa after and before for every work for e.g, morning, eating , sleeping,praying etc. And its also provide in Arabic and English.
And many other features and options that we hope you will discover it your self.